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The Story of KP Knits

High quality, handmade products 

 My mother-in-law taught me the knitting basics back in 2005, and let me tell you how many un-square

dishcloths I had to make before I had any business trying anything else. Whew, it was a few (like 20)! I actually still have the very first one I knitted back then. It's full of unintentional yarn overs, dropped stitches, and its shaped more like Montana than a square. Totally did that on purpose. ;) 

I gradually learned new stitches, thanks to books and YouTube, and progressed. After a lot of kind people asked or suggested I start selling my knits,  I finally gave in and started selling my hats and baby knits a few years ago. Thus, my very original KP Knits was born. I am a one woman show over here! I knit all of the products by hand (no machines here), cut and sew all of my poms, photograph my products, and run all of my social media accounts just to name a few things. 


 I have my own photography business that keeps me busy, as well as this little venture. I just finished my first ever market as a vendor at the  annual ACF Christmas at the Fairgrounds event, and while it was a little out of my comfort zone, I'm glad I did it! 

This is my last big step- an online store! So welcome, and thank you for being here!

Kristy :)

Drawing of Wool Yarn_edited.png
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