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Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do you take custom orders?

Yes! I am always happy to take custom orders. The only time this becomes a little bit of an issue is from November to January. This is when I'm frantically building stock for markets, and also the time everyone starts to inquire about orders for Christmas. 

I will always tell you if I can accommodate your requests in a timely manner.  


Q: Can I get any hat in any size?


Where do you get your poms?

A: I buy luxury faux fur fabric, and cut it into squares. I then hand sew the pom up, and attach nylon cording so you have a stout anchor to tie your pom to your hat. I currently carry 30 different colors of faux fur. 

A: The quick answer is no, but for most of them, I can figure out a way to do it. There are a select few that I won't be able to adjust, and I will always communicate that with you!

What are your items made from?

A: Merino wool and wool blends. This is not the old, scratchy wool that your parents used, in case you're concerned about that! It's super soft and hand dyed in small batches. Some is even super wash so it's machine washable. My favorite yarn to use is by Malabrigo. 

Wool has so many amazing attributes:

  • natural

  • sustainable

  • odor resistant

  • anti-microbial

  • temperature regulating 

  • moisture wicking


How does your sizing work?

A: I offer all sizes in most patterns. I get a lot of "I have a really big head, can you make me a hat that will fit" or "I like a close fitting hat with no overhang on the back". 

If you're placing a custom order, I will follow up with questions for you so I can make sure the design you picked suits your preferences. Expect over-communication from me! 

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