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PriceFrom $6.00

Color description: Dark orange on a black base with longer black strands throughout



  • Hand cut and sewn luxury faux fur pom pom
  • Stuffed with polyfil
  • Made with a nylon cord so you can thread it through the top of any hat and tie it on securely
  • Easily removable for when you need to wash your hat
  • Comes with a 1" wooden button to make your pom sit on your hat securely
  • Two sizes available ( Large- between 7-8" around and Small- between 5-6" around) 
  • Care

    Your pom is NOT washable! Please spot clean only. If it gets misshapen or ratty looking, take a fine tooth comb and gently comb it out and give it a good shake and it'll be as fluffy as it was in the beginning. 

    Please note: 

    The cord that is attached to your pom is not secured inside. If you pull on it one way or the other, it will pull completely out. I do it like this so when you tie your pom on, you can cinch it up very snugly so it doesn't wobble around. I've found if I tie knots in the cording to try to make it stay, it doesn't cinch tightly onto your hat. 

    If it does happen to come all the way out, find a yarn needle or the largest eyed needle you have and just thread the cord straight back through the pom. 

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